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thank you

To all the girls at kinnies i really want to thank you for my amazing wedding dress and for putting up with me when i wanting to come in without an appointment and try my dress on if it wasn't for you lot i wouldn't have found my dream wedding dress and i had a amazing wedding day so thank you to all the girls that helped me we got married on 12/08/2015 thanks Sarah ward


Sarah ward

thank you

Dear Anne, Just a little note to say thanks for providing me with such a lovely wedding dress the day was perfect and my dress felt beautiful on and was much admired thanks again love and best wishes Elaine Clark nee (young )


Elaine Clark nee (young)

thank you

To Michelle & Anne and the the kinnies girls, Thank you for all your help and advice and for being so patient with us throughout our Wedding Dress shopping experience. out of all 26 dresses i tried on i can't believe i choose the very first one. thank you michelle for picking that particular dress for me to try on thank you for all your help with the bridesmaids dresses too, very much appreciated thank you for your lovely card too Elaine & Kenneth xxx


Elaine & Kenneth

thank you

To All the ladies at Kinnies thank you all for your amazing help &support picking our bridesmaid dresses everyone loved the coppertone best choice


Mr & Mrs Stoddart

thank you

Thank you for all your help love Georgia Gardiner ( Gala girl)


Georgia Gardiner

Special Offer

Here at Kinnies , we are in the industry of helping you find the dress of your dreams ❤️
Our main concern and values is to look after our customers whether it is bridal or prom ect ..
Please be reassured that as the forthcoming weeks are unpredictable of what is to happen.
We have taken in-depth action with cleaning and disinfect within our store to ensure it is a safe place for our customer💗
Our staff have ensure protocols of hand washing before and after every appointment and as well as using hand sanitiser through your appointments.
Our main concern is our customers and to ensure they have peace of mind during there appointments , but we do ask that NO ONE attends appointments if they do have any symptoms and to phone to rearrange appointments .
We have facilities for hand washing for customers and there is also many boxes of tissues around the store , which we do recommend you use if needed (but is mainly for the tears of joy when you find your dream dress )❤️
We also would like to add , that we do understand that you would like everyone to come to your appointments and fittings but please try to reduce the amount of your guests you bring to these appointments
The girls at Kinnies are here to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience when finding your dream dress . So let us help you find that dress of your dreams with no added stress 😘❤️

Any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us on Facebook or call us on 01698 333383
Love the girls at Kinnies ❤️❤️

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